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Field of Honor

Sheriff Wilton Dupree and Judge Morton Carlyle have been searching for an answer to reduce the gang violence in their small southern border county. The gangs have no regard for the public and have wounded and killed many innocent bystanders as they carelessly shoot each other and anyone in their way.

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Cliff Blake

Author - Political Fiction

I started writing as a way to respond to the news and silly things I heard during the day. It became a challenge to look at things and say, “Yeah but if this happened …”

So, I found myself writing about things that might have happened if… Call them daydreams or whatever, but they turned into stories. After a couple of years of quietly writing at night when everyone else but Yoddie was sleeping, the nighttime rambles have become stories which we will be sharing.

Now, anyone can tell you this or that couldn’t happen, but for those of us that see possibilities of how things could happen, welcome aboard. Feel free to open your mind and come along.

"Americans have the right to voice their opinions.
The Government has the right to ignore the people until elections."

- William Collins

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