A Mother’s Decision

Gloria sipped at her coffee and looked out the window. It was a beautiful spring day. The door opened, and a young couple came into the office.

“Oh, good you’re here. Please have a seat,” she said.

The couple sat down. The young man started to talk. “Ma’am, my name is ……”

“That’s not necessary. Why don’t you two let me fill you in and then I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. “

The couple looked at each other and shrugged. The woman nodded. “Please go ahead.”

Gloria turned so she could look out the window and still see the couple.

“My son, John, was born 39 years ago. He was a beautiful baby. His father and I had tried several times to have children, but it was difficult, and we were about to give up when we were blessed, and I became pregnant. We named him John after my father. Anyway, life has its quirks, and the winds of chance seem to like blowing our futures around. In our case, the wind must have blown on some other woman’s skirt, and John’s father was attracted to another woman and ended up leaving John and me. I did my share of crying and soul searching about what I could have done differently and maybe Bob would have stayed.”

Gloria sighed and sipped at her coffee.

“But life is a challenge, and I decided John and I would be just fine. I worked two jobs most of the time to support us. My mother helped watch John when I was at work. He did great in school, and when he decided he wanted to be a doctor, I was so proud of him. I worked as a surgical nurse and tried to help him with his studies.

He was a brilliant student. The day he graduated I thought I was going to explode with pride. Of course, his father didn’t show up for his graduation, which was normal. Bob was still busy running from one skirt to another. Anyway, John went into practice with several other doctors, and their practice just kept growing.

Last week I asked John if I could observe him in surgery. I remember he laughed. ‘That would be great Mom, and if you like it, maybe we can hire you. I could use the help.’ So, this morning I scrubbed in with him, and I tell you, it was wonderful. Mother and son working side by side.

Well, John introduced me to the patient, and I watched as she began to deliver. I tell you I could close my eyes and hear and remember what it was like when John was born. The baby popped out, and John looked at the mother, and she nodded. He glanced at me and then he took a pair of scissors and snipped the spinal cord at the base of the baby’s neck. Then he tied off the umbilical cord and cut it. He handed the baby to a nurse. She put it in a container and John delivered the afterbirth.

I left the surgery at that time. I had seen enough and knew what John had to do to finish. I cleaned up and came back in here to wait for him. John came back about 15 minutes later. He was on his phone talking to someone about a golf game, and I think it was for tomorrow. He waved at me and sat down in that chair.”

Gloria pointed to the chair next to the woman. Unconsciously the woman moved her chair back away from the chair.

Sighing, Gloria put her coffee cup on the table. “John kept talking on his phone. I got up and walked around behind him. I pulled the scissors he had used earlier and ….. Well, I just followed his procedure, and I snipped his spinal cord. It was a little messier than I expected.”

Sergeant Maris cleared his throat. “You murdered your son with scissors?”

Gloria looked him in the eye.

“No Sergeant. I aborted him. You see John was very clear in explaining the new law to me and as I understand it, a mother has the right to abort her child even after it’s born. So, I chose to abort John. Now, do I need to go with you because I’m ready.”

Sergeant Maris looked at Detective Santos. Santos shook her head. “If I follow your logic, Ma’am then I don’t know if a crime has been committed.” She got up and staggered towards the door. She stopped at a trash can and threw up.

Gloria nodded. “I did that too, right after John explained the law to me. And then when I watched him operate, something just became clear, and like I said, I just decided it was time to abort him.”

Sergeant Maris got up. “Ma’am, I’m not sure what we should do. I suggest you don’t leave town. We need to go talk to our boss.”

Gloria smiled. I’ll be right here young man.”

She picked up her cup and sipped her coffee.

(It’s just a story)

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