Is it time for Granny to retire?

Have you ever had your grandmother defend you to your parents?

You know the story. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t or insulted a neighbor or a relative at some family affair.

Mom or Dad were ready to take you out and wash your mouth out, or perhaps a swat on the butt.
But you knew you had stepped over the line.  

Then Grandma opened her arms and gave you shelter. She began defending you. Granny was sure you didn’t mean it; you just didn’t understand the meaning of what you said.

Should Granny step in or should you be accountable for what you said or did? 

How will you learn if you can’t tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong?

So, if we should be responsible for our actions, maybe Granny should step out of the way and let those responsible be accountable.

What do you think?

Should an elected member of the House be accountable for their words or is Granny going to defend the little darlings?

Maybe it’s time to retire.

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