Term Limits

We have three branches of government at the Federal Level, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. They were designed to provide checks and balance.

The Legislative branch is composed of two groups, The Senate and the House of Representatives. The representatives of these two groups are elected by the people of the states where they live.

The Judicial Branch is composed of Federal Judges who are nominated by the President and normally serve a lifetime.

The US Senate then confirms or rejects the appointed person.

Members of the Senate, House of Representatives and the President are elected by the people of the United States.

In 1947 Congress passed the Twenty-Second Amendment limiting the President’s term of office to two terms. The Amendment was finally ratified by the states on February 27, 1951.

Congress has limited the President’s term of office, but not their term of office.
But Congress chose not to include themselves in limiting their own term of office.

Congress has faithfully ignored the very rule they imposed on the President.

Check out this Wikipedia link, which shows that over 100 members of Congress have served over 36 years.

If you want a more current list of those in office that can’t seem to find other jobs take a look at Tyler Durden’s article.

It’s obvious if we want change, we must demand Congress pass term limits on themselves. 

Is this possible?  Only if we do something besides complaining about them. Call or write your members of Congress let them know you support Term limits and want them to do so.

When elections come, vote them out of office.

Sign the petition for Term limits at www.termlimits.com

Let’s quit complaining about politics as usual and do something.

Maybe Public Tribunals wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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