About Me

I grew up reading the old classics, mythology, science fiction, biographies, cookbooks and anything I could lay my hands on. So naturally, a time came when I decided to write my own stories.

Cliff Blake

Author - Political Fiction

St. Louis is my hometown, and for the locals, who ask “Where did you go to High School,” the answer is U City. ( It’s a local thing.) I was a teenager in the 60’s. There were lots of things happening then. Vietnam, rock n’roll, motorcycles and learning about love, life and death.

I tend to be a tech junkie and enjoy watching people try to adapt to new technology. Watching people is way better than TV and you don’t have to change the channel. People do that for you.

Creating stories is fun. Some of our best creative inspiration seems to come from naps or being up way too late. My co-author Yoddie likes to help. She sits on my lap or moves to the couch where her comments are limited to snores and the occasional bark to remind she needs a break or a snack.

Most of our stories are about something that could happen in a different time or place. The stories are for fun and hopefully a good break from this reality. If you see someone in one of the stories that you think you know. It’s not them. It’s just someone who walked out of my dreams and on to the page.

There are many stories to come. Now Yoddie and I have new worlds to explore. We will share them as the adventures develop. Thanks for reading.